Personal Information Protection


VUMI Canada, Inc. (“VUMI Canada”) is responsible for protecting personal information in its possession or under its care. VUMI Canada has, therefore, adopted a policy on protecting personal information and designated a person in charge of making sure that appropriate protective measures are taken and that all related legislation is adhered to.

  1. Personal Information

Personal information is any information which relates to a natural person and allows that person to be identified. This includes the name, age, sex, address, income, social insurance number, financial information and medical information. Personal information can be stored in many forms, be it written, graphic, taped, filmed, computerized or other.

  1. Purpose of Collecting Information

We only collect information we need to establish a file. This is mainly information that helps us, as the insurance manager, decide whether we accept the proposed risk. We use it to review claims and process any other applications relating to the requested products or services for as long as a relationship exists between the two parties.

  1. Consent

We request consent to collect, use or share personal information. Consent can be written, verbal, electronic and even implicit. Consent must be manifest, free and enlightened, and must be given for specific purposes. Anyone can, at any time, withdraw consent, subject to legal or contractual restrictions.

Withdrawing or refusing to disclose personal information could restrict access to insurance coverage, delay treatment of claims, etc. Also, insurance applications submitted online may be refused if personal information is not disclosed.

Please note that, in keeping with the related laws, VUMI Canada may, without the consent of the person concerned, communicate personal information contained in a file it holds on that person, specifically, to its attorney, the Attorney General, certain public or government bodies and other authorities authorized to collect this information.


  1. Limitations on Collecting, Using and Sharing Information

For companies and authorized mandataries and service providers, access to personal information is granted only to people who require it in order to carry out their duties. VUMI Canada does not collect or use personal information it holds for any purposes other than which it was intended.

VUMI Canada only keeps personal information for the necessary length of time and mainly uses this information to provide insurance services and comply with legal requirements.

When destroying personal information, we take the precautionary measures necessary to keep any third party from gaining access to information during the destruction process.

  1. Accuracy

We take reasonable measures to ensure, as much as possible, that information collected, used or communicated is accurate, complete and up-to-date when used.

  1. Responsibility

In its day-to-day operations, VUMI Canada may communicate and share personal information with third parties working for or in cooperation with the company. VUMI Canada ensures that these communications comply with privacy rules.

  1. Security Measures

VUMI Canada takes proper security measures to ensure the privacy of personal information it holds. It takes reasonable measures to establish a secure connection to your web browser.

VUMI Canada has an IT security protocol containing the components needed to ensure protection of personal information. It is regularly reviewed for any part that could affect information security.

To ensure information privacy, it is recommended to clear your computer’s cache memory after each session.

  1. Right of Access and Rectification

When VUMI Canada holds personal information on a natural person, that person has the right to request confirmation of this and to ask the company to communicate this information to him or her, all of which is subject to the exceptions provided for under the law. The person in question can contest the accuracy or completeness of the personal information in his or her file and ask that it be rectified.

A request to access or rectify information can only be considered if submitted in writing and if proof of identity is provided by the concerned person or his or her representative, heir, successor, estate administrator, life insurance beneficiary or legal guardian.

VUMI Canada can temporarily refuse a person access to his or her file if there is reason to believe that consultation would result in serious harm to the person’s health. We must, therefore, offer the concerned person the possibility of designating a health care professional of his or her choice to receive communication of the information and communicate the information to such physician.

  1. Complaints, Information and Suggestions

We care about responding to every question and concern and reviewing complaints related to the management of personal information. Our staff or, for complaints, the contact person identified below, is here to help.

  1. Person in Charge of the Protection of Personal Information

To ensure adequate and equal consideration of each request in keeping with the information provided above, all access and rectification requests must be sent in writing to the person in charge of the protection of personal information, at:

Legal and Compliance Services
VUMI Canada, Inc.
170 Attwell Drive, Suite 690
Toronto, Ontario M9W-5Z5



Limitation of Liability:

The VUMI Canada website contains secure and non-secure sections. Inherent in the use of the Internet and Internet-related technologies are certain risks that information you supply, including, but not limited to, personal data, may be disclosed.

Considering the current state of technology, VUMI Canada cannot totally guarantee the privacy of information sent over the Internet. You therefore acknowledge that VUMI Canada and its suppliers are not liable for damages or harm that may result, directly or indirectly, from a breach of privacy of information sent over the Internet to VUMI Canada.

Also, you acknowledge that the use of your user name and password constitutes your legal signature and that it is your responsibility to ensure they are protected at all times.